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Hi! As you can see above or maybe it's better to say as you know, my name is Behnam Azimi. I was born on August 5 1992 In Malekan, Iran. Maybe it's a cliche to start a sentence with "I'm Interested in..." but I should say I was really interested in programming and developing since childhood. Or maybe I can not find an alternative to "I'm interested in..." because of my poor English!

Programming and Developing world aside, you will see enough about me and my relationship with this world if you scroll down. Anyway, I can do things that other normally people cannot do! such as always laughing, doing greats by negligibles. I trust everyone. I love animals and plants. and I defend the women rights. That's it for me. Scroll down and see another sections. Perhapse you find what you want. Contact me without hesitation, even just for making friends!

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What Can I Do...


Doing projects with pure HTML, CSS and JS, also using these fundamentals with other platform to doing wonderful things.

PHP + Laravel

Developing web apps and Api based services with PHP and Laravel with high level safety and quality.


Wordpress is my main CMS, I'm familiar with all of useful plugins and I can design theme for it.

Vue + Angular2 + React

Vue and Angular 2 are useful frameworks and I use these in my projects. Also I have many experiences with Ionic 2 and React (Native & JS).

Telegram Bot

Combining Telegram Bot Api with Laravel could cause to make awesome bots and I can do this easily.

Content + Seo

Content Production and Seo are the most important things in this age and I can do these too.

I can do everythings that I pointed above. If you think that I can help you, Contact me directly.

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What Did I Before...


An online pizza making and ordering service. With Pitzam everyone could make a custom pizza with custom materials. Powered by Telegram Bot Api and Laravel.

Tabriz Election Bot

Simulation of Tabriz City Council Election (2017) by Telegram Bot. This bot is not working now. Powered by Telegram Bot Api and Laravel.

Tondmarket Website, Online Hypermarket in Tabriz

Tondmarket is an online hypermarket in Tabriz city. The project developed by a team and its a Laravel base project.

Shirooneh Website

A Wordpress website again with cool design and color combination. (in Persian)

Sana Website UI

A cool and simple UI powered by bootstrap 4. The base of the project is Laravel and developed in Nkit

Raavan Bot

A possibility to doing some psychological tests in Telegram Bot. The tests are in Persian.

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+98-9372831132 +98-9146116076
behnamazimi (at) hotmail.com
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Sajjadiyeh - Eram - P 153.4 Tabriz - Iran
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